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A Day at Woolshed Creek with Bushman Tours

Provided by the award-winning Bushman Tours. Rhyolite cliffs, epic views and a cosy hut

Woolshed Creek is a very popular trip at Bushman Tours with families, small groups and beginners wanting to experience a local gem. This day hike will take you high into the Canterbury hills and allow your group the opportunity to experience history mining relics and amazing views across the surrounding plains.
If a spare day in Christchurch needs filling, this Adventure can keep you busy, fit and entertained over 8 hours. This day tour is great for those wanting to get out of the city and catch nature and the Canterbury hills up close. Embrace the day with some local cafes on the way out including a chance to learn about the mining history of the area. Family-friendly, plenty of routes and side trips available.
"My favourite thing about Woolshed Creek is the variety of activities around. No matter what you want to achieve today - be it hiking, mountain climbing, swimming or caving - this spot has it". - Bushwoman Jill, your guide.
Your day, your options

Can you see those mountains in the distance but don't know how to get to them? My Woolshed Creek Tour offers the perfect chance to see our rugged peaks, canyons and roaring rivers, all with a local Kiwi guide.

Woolshed Creek marks a full day adventure past rhyolite cliffs, historic mines and panoramic lookouts over remote Canterbury. Its accessibility and awesome surroundings make this a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.
The track is blessed with a mixture of terrain. After passing the first mining relics (great for some good family photos), the track opens up onto grassy flatlands often seen in some of our best homegrown know the ones. Within an hour you’ll be at the top of the peaks with a complete view of the surrounding canyons, and even the view of the Woolshed Creek Hut in the distance which makes a fantastic photo in itself.
The cosy hut among rocky outcrops and a beautiful mountain river (good enough to drink, by the way) offers the chance to unwind under the afternoon sun, have a swim and lunch with a view.
The area is famous for its caving and dramatic canyons - there are plenty of hidden side trips around the hut, if you haven’t had enough adventure yet. Although the itinerary is in place to ensure a fun-well packed day, you’re always welcome to suggest more plans for your day.
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equipmentPaintball Equipment

Get your next action fix as you go head to head with the enemy. Provided with all the equipment that you need to let your inner soldier shine through, you’ll be fully prepared to tackle any mission thrown your way!

Paintball Gun

Tippman 98 Semi Automatic. Rate of Fire:up to 7 shots per second. Velocity:- 206mph

Face Mask

Scott Extreme Safety System. Specifically designed for high speed projectiles


You will also be supplied with protective overalls and a battle pack incorporating valuables pouch and capacity for a further 300 rounds of ammunition.


Holds up to 200 rounds. Gravity feed.

Free Gas

High pressure CO2 cylinder 20oz of pressurised liquid propellant.

Paint Grenade*

High explosive paint filled device. Do not store in pocket**

Smoke Bomb*

Produces thick white or coloured smoke screen. Burns for approx.1 minute.**

N/B Actual equipment supplied / available may vary from venue to venue. Photos and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. *Additional Item. **Smoke bombs are pyrotechnic devices and as such are not available to players under the age of 18 years old.

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