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Tekapo Tour Scenic Merino High Country

View Merino High Country Sheep View Stunning Landscapes Surrounding Lake Tekapo Private access by 4WD Tour through Glenmore Station, NZ’s famous Merino Wool Station View a variety of farm animals; Merino Sheep, Cows (Angus Cattle), Red Deer Short quick Tour from Lake Tekapo (1.5 hours return) Short on time but really want to get a feel for the beauty surrounding Lake Tekapo ?
Join our 1.5 hour High Country Sheep Station Tour on the beautiful Glenmore Station. This quick 4WD Scenic Tour takes you to one of New Zealand’s biggest and most famous and authentic Merino High Country Stations. The tour offers stunning vistas of the impressive Cass Valley headwaters, Lake Tekapo and of course your favorite woolly Merino Sheep! Get a taste for High Country Mackenzie beauty through Glenmore Stations breathtaking scenery all within a short drive from Lake Tekapo.


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Cass Valley Backcountry Tour

Backcountry 4WD Scenic Tour Of Glenmore Station & The Cass Valley Experience stunning Natural Landscapes Unique to The Mackenzie Country Private access Glenmore Station Farm Tour Braided River & Stream crossings Visit a true backcountry Musterers hut View waterfalls, glaciers, moraines, big mountains Educative tour on the unique outstanding landscapes within The Cass Valley & Mackenzie Country Chance to view endangered wading birds such as Banded Dotterels, Black Stilts, Wry Bill, & other species Mid Tour Refreshments & Snacks View Merino Sheep, Angus Cattle, Red Deer
The Cass Valley is situated on the western side of Lake Tekapo, offering a world of Natural wonder and beauty. Access to this stunning alpine valley is solely through Glenmore Station. The Cass Valley Encompasses a large block of mountainous country, containing high inherent landscape values of The Mackenzie Country. The overall naturalness of the rocky steep scree slides, the U-shaped valleys carved by glaciation, waterfalls, glaciers, lateral moraines and tussock- clad terraces, overwhelm the senses and ignite the wonder of such a supremely stunning and unique landscape.

Glenmore Station is an Iconic New Zealand High Country Sheep Station In the heart of the South Island’s Mackenzie Country. Glenmore is situated on the Western shores of Lake Tekapo, and runs deep into the Cass Valley wilderness, bordered to the West by the Lieberg Range. Will & Emily Murray are the 4th generation of the Pioneer Murrays to run this beautiful station which has been farming Merino Sheep since 1912. Its stunning 19,000 hectares in size, is home to 10,000 Merino Sheep, Merino Studs, Angus Cattle and Red Deer.

This breathtaking High Country has been recognized for supplying the World with some of the finest Merino Wool on offer, including the supply to the famous “Icebreaker” Brand since the start. With more than 19 years of continued Merino Wool supplying, this station encompasses New Zealand at heart in many ways. Glenmore Station also holds an immense amount of Natural Landscape Values that are Unique to the Mackenzie Basin. Our 4WD Scenic Tours on this station will allow you to experience the outstanding array of stunning landscapes and natural features, unique to the Mackenzie Basin itself.
The Cass Valleys braided river system and Delta is also a special environment for some of New Zealand’s most endangered nesting birds such as The Black Stilt, The Wry Bill, The Black Fronted Turn, The Banded Dotterel, The Black Billed Gull and the Oyster Catcher.


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Braemar Station Backcountry Tour

Backcountry 4WD High Country Station Tour Stunning views of Mt Cook & Mt Tasman, The Main Divide & Lake Pukaki Remote breathtaking scenery of New Zealand’s most impressive landscapes Educational information on the area’s unique landforms & species View farm animals such as Sheep, Angus Cattle & Red Deer Braemar Station is one of New Zealand’s most remarkable High Country Stations, offering impressive and highly memorable scenery of the Natural Outstanding Landscapes found within the Mackenzie Basin. Braemar Station is located on the Eastern Shores of the turquoise coloured Lake Pukaki, bordered by the majestic Gammack Range in to the North, and Lake Pukaki to the West. This traditional High Country Sheep Farming Station is 4100 hectares in size, and has been run by the Mackenzie family since 1969. Braemar is known for having some of the best uninterrupted views of Lake Pukaki, Mount Cook and the Ben Ohau Range. The special landscapes discovered on this tour will leave you with a strong sense of remoteness as you journey though wide open Tall Tussock Grasslands and Red Tussock covered unique landforms of spectacular lateral moraines. The magnificent backdrops of Mt Cook- NZ’s tallest peak, and the glaciated Main Divide will leave you breathless and your camera full as you take in some of the finest scenery New Zealand has to offer. Learn about the unique species that exist within New Zealand’s largest Intermontane basin, while taking in a truly memorable scenic journey from Lake Tekapo.


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Private Mackenzie Backcountry Tour

Explore New Zealand's incredible Mackenzie Backcountry all to yourself. Hire one of our professional driver guides and comfortable Land Rover Defender 4WD vehicles for a private experience of The Mackenzie's outstanding natural landscapes.

Enjoy the peace and luxury of exploring The Mackenzie Country's wilderness in privacy.
Explore with your own private local High Country driver guide, who will bring you to the most incredible scenery within private and exclusive high country accessed only through us.

Fully embrace the breathtaking beauty and Outstanding Natural Landscapes within
your private group, couple or family. Roam the backcountry in style, and experience an authentic and memorable Scenic 4WD Tour, in some of New Zealand's most breathtaking scenery, all to yourself!
Tours are offered as a 4 Hour Experience.

Luxury Tours,Wedding Parties, Family Tours, Photography Tours, Birding Tours, Honeymoon Tours


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equipmentPaintball Equipment

Get your next action fix as you go head to head with the enemy. Provided with all the equipment that you need to let your inner soldier shine through, you’ll be fully prepared to tackle any mission thrown your way!

Paintball Gun

Tippman 98 Semi Automatic. Rate of Fire:up to 7 shots per second. Velocity:- 206mph

Face Mask

Scott Extreme Safety System. Specifically designed for high speed projectiles


You will also be supplied with protective overalls and a battle pack incorporating valuables pouch and capacity for a further 300 rounds of ammunition.


Holds up to 200 rounds. Gravity feed.

Free Gas

High pressure CO2 cylinder 20oz of pressurised liquid propellant.

Paint Grenade*

High explosive paint filled device. Do not store in pocket**

Smoke Bomb*

Produces thick white or coloured smoke screen. Burns for approx.1 minute.**

N/B Actual equipment supplied / available may vary from venue to venue. Photos and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. *Additional Item. **Smoke bombs are pyrotechnic devices and as such are not available to players under the age of 18 years old.

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