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Orakei Korako Cave and Thermal Park

Orakei Korako (also know as 'The Hidden Valley') is a highly active geothermal area situated in the Taupo Volcanic Zone on the Waikato River at Lake Ohakuri. Orakei Korako is New Zealand's largest geyser field with around 26 active geysers and is one of the country's most stunning natural attractions.
Embark on a short ferry ride across the lake to begin the walk through some of New Zealand's most dynamic geothermal scenery including the Largest Silica Terrace in New Zealand, one of only two geothermal caves in the world and the highest concentration of geyser activity in one place in New Zealand, all packed into a 2.5km walk through some stunning terrain.
When you have finished the walk, relax with food or refreshments from our Cafe while you enjoy the views of Lake Ohakuri.

Exploring the Geothermal Valley

- The walk takes most people 60-90 minutes, though you are encouraged the take as long as you like.
- Most of the track is board walk, however there are a number of stairs that may test some people.
- The park is generally 3-5 degrees warmer so it is recommended that you take plenty of water, especially during the hotter months.
- The park is family friendly as long as children are supervised. Baby backpacks are provided free of charge for under 2-year-olds on request.
- The park is Dog Friendly, Dogs must remain on leash at all times and must be sociable to people and other dogs.
- The Ferry runs on demand between 8.00am until 4.00pm every day.
- The last Ferry returning from the park departs at 5.00pm sharp, please ensure you plan your visit with this in mind.
- A list of safety information will be provided with your ticket and is also available on arrival at the park.

Risk Disclosure
- S lips Trips and Falls: Customers are advised that the park contains boardwalks that are exposed

to the elements and may be slippery at times and a number of stairs are
present. Please take care with your footing and keep an eye on where you step
to avoid slips trips and falls.

- Burns: Geothermal areas contain hot water and steam. The ground off the track

can be extremely fragile and have boiling water running through it. Please treat all water as hot and stay on the
pathways at all times. There is the potential for hot material to splash, so we recommend full length clothing and
covered shoes.
- Dehydration/Exhaustion: The park is generally hotter than on the Visitors Centre side of the

river and the walk requires a basic level of fitness to complete. Ensure you
take enough water and are fit enough to complete the walk and be able to be
evacuated if necessary.
- Fire: There is a risk of fire in the bush surrounding the park. The park is a

no smoking area to prevent fires. In the event of a fire please report
immediately to the staff via the radios at the first aid points and follow all
instructions given by the loudspeaker.
- Geothermal event / Earthquake: Geothermal zones are unpredictable and located in geologically active

areas. A major geothermal event or earthquake is possible. In the event of a
major geothermal event or earthquake please follow the instructions of the
staff. The pathways are located in areas of relative safety. Stay on the
pathways at all times.
- Drowning/Crushing: The docks are a location where heavy machinery is operating near water

and are a high-risk zone. Please stay off the docks unless indicated
to by the skipper of the ferry. While aboard the ferry passengers must follow
instructions given to them by the skipper.
- Unsupervised children: Geothermal zones are dangerous for children who are unsupervised as they

may not be able to recognize unfamiliar risks. All children must be directly
supervised at all times while in the park.

It is the responsibility of people visiting the park to abide by all
safety advice given to them and act in a safe manner at all times.
If you wish to know more about any of these risks, please ask our friendly staff.

More information can be found on our webpage:

We have a no refund policy, Gift Cards purchased are valid for 12 months from the purchase date. We are happy for you to transfer the tickets to another person and are flexible with dates and times. Feel free to contact us on +64 7 378 3131 if you wish to discuss changes in dates and times.


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