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From NZ$209.00

Waikato Wreck - 2 Dives

A trip to the Waikato wreck where you will have to opportunity to do 2 Dives throughout the day.

You'll meet at the Tutukaka Marina at 8am on the day of your trip. The crew will meet you there and if you are hiring any gear they will have this here ready for you.
Once the boat is ready and everyone is on board you'll head out to the site of the Waikato Wreck. Note that the Wreck sits in 30m of water so you will need to have at least Advanced Diver certification to dive it. You will also need Wreck diver certification if you would like to penetrate the wreck. If you don't have your Wreck Diver certification, don't worry, there is still plenty to explore on the outside of the wreck.
After the first dive you'll stay on the boat for your surface interval (please bring something to eat). Hot drinks and soups are provided on board. Then you'll jump in for your second dive.
Please note that the Wreck is exposed in some seas so we can't always get to the wreck due to the conditions. If this is the case we will get in touch and give you the opportunity to re-book or get a full refund.
If your plans change and you need to change plans you can do so up until 24 hours prior to the trip in order to get a full refund.


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From NZ$250.00

Enriched Air Nitrox

Stay down longer with an Enriched Air Nitrox Course
Nitrogen, you learned about it as an Open Water Diver, then again as an Advanced Open Water diver you started to see how it really affects you and your allowable bottom times (NDL - No Decompression Limits). Well why not reduce the amount of nitrogen we breathe?
Diving on Air (21% - Oxygen - O2 / 79% Nitrogen N2) to 18m, you can potentially stay for up to 56 minutes if you have enough air in your cylinders. In comparison to Enriched Air Nitrox x32 (EANx32) (32% O2 / 68% N2) where you can stay for up to 95 minutes and on 36% for up to 126 Minutes.
Go a little deeper on air (21% O2) to 25m (say on the Northland's Canterbury or Waikato wrecks or many of the sites at the Poor Knights Islands) and you can stay for upto 28 mins. But on EANx32 (32% O2) you can stay for up to 40 minutes and on EANX36 (O2 36%) for up to 50 minutes.
Is it starting to make sense yet? Now add in the cost of a charter and the time you spend underwater and the training will be well worth it.
So to dive on "Nitrox" you just need to complete the Enriched Air Nitrox course with us. This involves reading the PADI manual and then attending an evening of theory here in the classroom. We will plan some dives of different depths using different EANx mixes to decide which mix will be the best for that dive and practise analysing scuba cylinders containing EANx. .
Here in New Zealand, you are also required by Worksafe to complete two Nitrox dives with your instructor. We can complete these "FUN" dives on any of our Poor Knights Islands or Bay of Islands trips. Note the cost of these trips is not included in the course cost.

Cost: $250 | 1 day theory session | 2 "Fun" dives with your Instructor (charter fees are not included in course costs but you can choose to do shore dives which are free of charge)
Cost includes all training, certification and study materials. Any specialist equipment will be provided for the duration of the course.


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From NZ$799.00

Open Water Course (Learn to Dive)

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. This is an amazing adventure. We can't wait for you to begin!
Experience the wonders of our oceans, lakes and rivers. Diving exposes us to like minded people and so you can make new friends, both human and aquatic when you learn to dive with us.
Not only will you enjoy seeing lots of aquatic animals, some may come and say hello, some will shy away from you as we are pretty big, but you will also enjoy the feeling of flying when you swim neutrally buoyant above the bottom stopping occasionally to look around.
This course is just the beginning of a great journey, so whether you want to sight see, take photos, explore or collect sea food, this is the starting point in that journey.

PLEASE NOTE: The dates listed here are the first day/night of your course only. The course runs either over 4 full days or 3 evenings and 2 full days. Please refer back to the website to see all of the dates for your selected course.
Once you confirm your booking you will have the option to pay either $229 deposit per person or the full amount.


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From NZ$999.00

Advanced Adventurer / Advanced Open Water

The Next Step in Diving
Diving like any pastime requires practice to perfect existing skills and to learn new ones. This is where the PADI Advanced Open Water and SSI Advanced Adventurer Courses comes in. Most people assume that the 'Advanced' Course is for 'advanced' divers due to it's slightly misleading name.
What the course is really about is growing an Open Water diver's skill base through five fun filled open water dives and through the online study material and Knowledge Reviews. The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills through different Adventure Dives.

The dives that can be conducted on the our course are: Deep Dive (to maximum of 30m) Mandatory for PADI (we love doing this dive) Underwater Navigation Mandatory for PADI (we highly recommend this) Peak Performance Buoyancy (recommended if you haven't completed Peak Performance Buoyancy course) Night Dive (April to October) Wreck Dive (Sea conditions depending) Enriched Air Nitrox (we offer the full Enriched Air Nitrox course at a discounted price alongside this course) Search and Recovery Underwater Photography/Videography Fish ID Dry Suit (A dry suit pool orientation is required for this. Orientation fee $100.) Dry suit rental fee, additional $100 Diver Propulsion Vehicle (Scooter rental is $100 extra)
Each dive is actually Dive One from a PADI or SSI Specialty course, so the skills that are taught are a taster of the skills that can be learned on the full specialty courses that are available with us at Dive Now Whangarei.
By taking part in this course you will not only gain confidence in your diving ability, but gain the freedom to take part in a wider variety of fun dives.
This course emphasizes student involvement in all aspects of dive planning and gives them the ability to safely plan the dives independently once the course is finished.
If you are unsure about what interests to follow in diving or just want to improve your skills, then this is the course for you.
April-October the course will include 5 boat dives. You will do 3 dives on day one. Normally we do Perfect Buoyancy, Underwater Navigation and Night Dive. On day two you will do another two dives. Normally a Deep Dive and a Wreck Dive (if the weather allows us to get to the Wreck) or another dive of your choice at the Poor Knights from the options above.
November-March - same schedule as above but no Night Dive. You will be able to choose another dive from the above list.

Cost includes all Charter Fees, SSI training, certification and study materials. Any specialist equipment will be provided for the duration of the course.
A minimum of 2 students are required for this course to run - Maximum of 6


  • people Group Size: From 1 Up To 6

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equipmentPaintball Equipment

Get your next action fix as you go head to head with the enemy. Provided with all the equipment that you need to let your inner soldier shine through, you’ll be fully prepared to tackle any mission thrown your way!

Paintball Gun

Tippman 98 Semi Automatic. Rate of Fire:up to 7 shots per second. Velocity:- 206mph

Face Mask

Scott Extreme Safety System. Specifically designed for high speed projectiles


You will also be supplied with protective overalls and a battle pack incorporating valuables pouch and capacity for a further 300 rounds of ammunition.


Holds up to 200 rounds. Gravity feed.

Free Gas

High pressure CO2 cylinder 20oz of pressurised liquid propellant.

Paint Grenade*

High explosive paint filled device. Do not store in pocket**

Smoke Bomb*

Produces thick white or coloured smoke screen. Burns for approx.1 minute.**

N/B Actual equipment supplied / available may vary from venue to venue. Photos and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. *Additional Item. **Smoke bombs are pyrotechnic devices and as such are not available to players under the age of 18 years old.

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